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When choosing between real life dating that takes much effort and is often unsuccessful, and online free dating that gives you an opportunity to communicate with a person first and only then decide if you want to meet him/her, be sure to make the right choice.

And while I’ve been writing for the entirety of my life, I know nothing about writing a book. The first thing I did was search Amazon for “how to write a book”. But I have a day job, giving me maybe three hours, at the absolute maximum, to work on my book (never mind that I don’t really have three hours because my brain is fried at the end of the day). Most of the time I don’t want to start, but once I do, 90 percent of the time I’m ecstatic that anything comes out at all.

You can now search for local singles anywhere from the comfort of your home, to high-street cafes, museums and Munros.

For single people, this is a huge social opportunity.

I didn’t realize there was a story in it until so much time had passed, I had a rush of fresh blood to my brain. My mother mailed me the dozens of worn journals I kept during that time and I’ve spent almost every morning since poring through them. It was just getting dark outside, the floor-to-ceiling windows, curtain-less, making me feel like we were alone, tension rising, in a cave. A headspace where I could more easily capture tone and rhythm and sensation. For weeks I did this, religiously opening my favorite books and copying their structure. Every morning I would pick the memory that seemed most appealing and I would tell it as if I were writing a novel. I did a bit of Googling and discovered Scrivener, a tool to help you organize not only your writing, but your notes and table of contents and research. Each Evernote file became a section in Scrivener, complete with a quick summary for each scene, so I could easily scan and organize.

When I realized this story could be a memoir, I had a rush of excitement I haven’t felt in a long time. If they started off with a piece of dialogue, that’s what I did. It wasn’t until I started using Scrivener that I finally felt like I was working toward something important and real.

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