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but have you noticed when guys have taken some alcohol, they seem to get more girls.

This is because all these things bring up the feeling of confidence. Money, muscles, alcohol induce this confidence stature in men, and women fall for it, that’s why you may be tempted to think women want these things.

Mystery is what makes the relationship fun and worth looking forward to. Predictable men get dumped, Mysterious men do the dumping. Have Goals In Life Women are looking for security, they want to see themselves in your future.

They ask themselves, “where is this guy going to be in the next 5 years?

They change their dress code and even dump their male friends just to create time for her. If she asks you to meet her on a Tuesday, push it to a Wednesday. Get a hobby, play a sport, have something that takes you up. You are not her maid, you are her man, there’s a difference. Be Mysterious Men tend to remove the mystery once they get a girl. Your Girlfriend should never know the next card you are about to play.

Wake up on a Monday morning and surprise her with an outing to Munyonyo, yes, on a Monday when she expects you to be at work, you surprise her.

On the contrary, women are seeking out for the experiences that things like money bring about.

Women don’t like money, and money won’t make her get attracted to you.To be confident, you have to fall in love with yourself first and what you have. Men who are Themselves Women hate hypocritical men, he wants to eat beans on an outing, but he’s acting different because of her. Women enjoy men who take the lead, stop her by the rolex stand and get your 2 egg rolex and continue with her.Be calm on your first date with her, never be nervous…. Don’t be a goof, show her that you don’t necessarily need her.Here’s a difference, not like Girls like Bad Boys, but bad boys know how to be MEN, Nice guys on the other hand are what we would describe as wussies, door-mats for these ladies to step on.From my experience, Girls look out for the following in MEN. They want confident men People think money, muscles get you the girls….

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