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In addition, the proposed symposium will also provide a detailed interpretation of the new guidelines for plant reintroduction among different stakeholders and international organizations.

Management schemes and techniques for conserving beneficial insects in urban parks are well- established in temperate countries but are currently lacking for tropical countries.Another group of tropical and subtropical species produce seeds that tolerate partial drying but tend to age rapidly under conditions used in conventional seed banks.These species include important commodities (e.g., coffee, neem, tea), fruits (e.g., citrus, papaya) and ornamentals (e.g., orchids, Anthurium).However, seed responses to drying vary considerably among species, and those species producing seeds that are intolerant to desiccation (i.e., ‘recalcitrant’ response) are excluded from most seed banking programs.This seed trait, exhibited in several palms and cycads, and many tree species, is most frequent in tropical rainforests, a habitat that is both under threat from deforestation and home to about half the world’s flowering plants.

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Most of these are seed banks applying conventional storage protocols in which seeds are placed in a freezer at -20C.

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