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Lynda Morris, a Research Fellow and Curator at the Norwich University College of the Arts, and co-curator of the exhibition, said that the show will challenge the widely-held view of Picasso as womaniser."There is a common perception of Picasso as a playboy who had little sympathy for women, but I hope this material suggests people look at him differently," she said.Surtout pour un plan cul amateur filmé par des gars qui font ça depuis plus de vingt ans.Du coup, les gars de La France à poil ont décidé de se déplacer et de parcourir le territoire pour se rendre directement chez ces amatrices et couples amateurs et leur faire tourner une vidéo porno.Non seulement, cela permet à tout ce petit monde de ne pas se déplacer et donc de caler ce 5 à 7 dans leur emploi du temps, mais aussi, et surtout de motiver les troupes.En effet, entre avoir l’envie et le fantasme de tourner une vidéo porno amateur et passer à l’acte, il y a un grand pas à franchir.

The organisation was established in London by Rebecca Sieff, a suffragette who chained herself to the railings of the Houses of Parliament during the campaign to secure votes for women.

Further letters from the Union to Picasso in 1946 show that artist donated money towards the building of a foyer at the Salle Pleyel concert hall in Paris.

The foyer, which was intended as an area for women's education, was dedicated to Danielle Casanova, a member of the French resistance who died in Auschwitz in 1943 and became a feminist symbol of women's suffering in post-war France.

In the letter Edith Erdei, the group's president, wrote in 1961: "In the name of Hungarian women who admire your works representing the women and the child...permit us to wonder if you would give your assent to the reproduction on a postcard of the drawing enclosed.

"These cards, to be produced at the time of International Women's Day 1961, are intended to send a message of friendship to women in other countries...".

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Picasso: Peace and Freedom at Tate Liverpool will display previously unseen correspondence between Picasso and feminist organisations, which reveal that he donated works and money to a host of women's campaign groups.

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