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Luckily the back, which is often rubbed off, is largely intact on this proving that this dates to 1898, but is also a Canadian piece.The back makes clear this was an advertising piece produced by the New Carlton Hotel, in Montreal.But at the same time as the pious Canadians of Caledonia were celebrating with Christian dedication, not many miles away across the border at Buffalo, the perpetually warlike Americans were at it again, raining death and destruction on another group of foreigners they did not like, and who had valuable real estate their business leaders were desperate to get.It refers to the Spanish-American War, during a few months of 1898 when America stole the Philippines, and Cuba, and other islands, from Spain by force of arms, saying, what else, they were bringing Freedom to the locals.Just like, a century later they are doing to the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there is a huge difference.They are killing tens of thousands more locals than in 1898, and, in another departure, today they have killed thousands of women and children.To get to Niagara Falls, a most popular destination, Torontonians preferred going by steamer across, instead of the train around, Lake Ontario.To give these ravenous tourists a memento of their excursion to bring back, to show they had "been there," thousands of small china souvenirs were produced in countless shapes, and from thimble size to plates.

It has no stains to show it was ever used for anything but looking at, in a china cabinet.

This Beaux Arts style treasure was built in 1910 and was the pride of the town. So, with the family provenance, between 1910 to 1923.

Souvenir teapots are very rare to find, ones with dates impossible.

So "thinking of household work" was a constant preoccupation and the crafty souvenir makers targetted this guilt complex shamelessly.

So souvenir china items were made as creamers, ashtrays, toothpick and candle holders, egg cups, mugs, tiny cups, vases, watering cans, shoes, boots, or baskets, like the Gladys Tucker shower gift from 1923..

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