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Sunday we were up early to beat other anglers to where we wanted to fish, and to catch early morning crawlers if possible Jack and I pulled up to our first spot hoping to catch a couple of slot fish for dinner that night.

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The history of the French colonists in Canada showed traits and presented characteristics rare in French annals; the ardor of the French nature and the suavity of French manners seemed to be combined with the stronger virtues of the people of the north; everywhere, amongst the bold pioneers of civilization in the new world, the French marched in the first rank without ever permitting themselves to be surpassed by the intrepidity or perseverance of the Anglo-Saxons, down to the day when, cooped up within the first confines of their conquests, fighting for life and liberty, the Canadians defended foot to foot the honor of their mother country, which had for a long while neglected them, and at last abandoned them, under the pressure of a disastrous war conducted by a government as incapable as it was corrupt...

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“Men have a much higher success rate [in finding love] and a much broader selection, since they can choose someone from a lower social group,” said Chen, whose family controls a Chengdu property and hotel empire.

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It is not, however, an inherently error-free or black-and-white method for dating objects. Are the similarities in human DNA and chimp DNA evidence of evolution?